Accelerating platform under the auspices of Accenture connecting Czech startups with corporations while executing 360° Value

Mentoring program delivered by our professionals and our clients to help startups define their MVP and kick-off their business growth

Who we are

Actively operating in Czech Republic since 1991, Accenture has been bringing innovation to our clients and employees while helping to become the best versions of themselves.

Our unique positioning brings our clients end-to-end competencies in various services and market industries. Changing business priorities, customer needs and emerging technologies pushes our boundaries of innovation while generating value across the whole ecosystem in which we operate.

Our mission

Goal of Accenture Startup Network is to bridge the gap between corporations and startups.

Thanks to our powerful channel we give startups opportunity to develop successful MVP and viable go-to-market propositions in partnership with Accenture experts and our clients.

Our network enables startups to grow their business rapidly and differentiate it for targeted markets.

Who do we look for

Our industry-agnostic focus points at post-seed startups with innovative, high-tech entrepreneurial solutions which we can integrate into our portfolio.

Each period, we define a new Startup Challenge oriented on a specific technological area. This time, focus is on:

Data Led Transformation & Artificial Intelligence

Sustainable Technology

Technology Platforms Modernization (Low-Code, No-Code, cloud)

Does your specialization cover any of these areas? Fill in our application form below!

First round of registration is open from 19/04/2023 to 14/05/2023.

High-level coaching will be delivered to 10 selected startups during summer months. Evaluation of a winning project will take place in September 2023.

During application, you will need to sign in first, and then you will be asked to fill in information about you and your startup, including uploading your introduction deck.

Why participate


Interact with our team of experts to test and fine-tune your solution


Integrate your solution within an offering that Accenture can bring to market. Collaborate with our best ecosystem players to accelerate your post-seed growth


Build your brand together with Accenture and our embedded clients to gain better starting position on the market

Successful startups

Discover some of the previous winning startups from Accenture experience 

Stay in touch with us

In case you are interested in detailed information, contact us at

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